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Welcome to Schumann Oil Pumps .com, your online source for the best oil pumps, information, specifications, performance improving tips and technical discussion about wet sump oil systems. We work hard to provide you with personalized customer service, knowledgeable technical support, discount pricing and fast shipping on vast array of top quality engine oil system components. We present this information to assist you in making an informed decision when are ready to buy performance parts for your project engine.

We sell a large variety of oil pumps and accessories for many different engine types and applications. On this site you will find blueprinted and improved stock type replacement oil pumps, low volume, standard volume and high volume pumps for high performance street, drag, off road, oval track road racing and marine use. We even offer the ultimate wet sump oil pump the Energy Recovery series, wet sump pumps with a dry sump attitude.

Schumann oil pumps provide you with superior performance at affordable prices. Why wait any longer? Step up to a Schumann's oil pump and improve your engines performance and reliability today.

Schumann's Oil Pump Catalog

Use the expanding menu in the top left border of any page on our website to find premium Schumann high performance parts for your engine. You can also use the search box to locate the items you need.

Our catalog includes oiling system components many popular engine models and new parts are constantly being developed and put into production. We currently have performance products for the following engines:

  • Small Block Chevy
  • Big Block Chevy
  • Chevy and GM LS series
  • GMC Duramax Diesel
  • Ford 200 Inline 6 cylinder
  • Ford 300 Inline 6 cylinder
  • Small Block Ford Windsor and Cleveland
  • Big Block Ford 429 460 passenger car engines
  • Big Block Ford 429 460 truck engines
  • Big Block Ford FE series
  • Small Block Mopar
  • Big Block Mopar
  • Mopar 426 Hemi
  • Oldsmobile V8

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What Oil Pump Do I Need?

Every engine application is different, which is one of the reasons we have so many different oil pump models available. It is extremely important to choose the right performance parts when considering the many forces created by factors such as engine displacement, rpm range, g forces encountered, horsepower, boost, nitrous, and the type of racing you are involved in. All of these factors are important to consider when choosing a the best oiling system parts for your engine.

The two main types of engine oiling systems in current use are wet sump and dry sump. In a wet sump, the oil available for the engine to use is stored in an oil pan attached to the bottom of the engine block. A dry sump system pumps the oil out of the engine and into a separate storage tank. Wet sump systems are far more common and present specific challenges to the oiling system. You have to be concerned with windage, aeration, excess oil being thrown onto the cylinder walls and several other factors. The products sold here are for use in wet sump type oil systems and offer significant improvements over stock replacement type parts.

Your source for high performance Oiling System Parts

Schumann Oil Pumps .com is proud to be your online source for the entire product line of high performance and racing oil system parts produced by Verne Schumann. The oil pump may be the single most important part in your engine, as if it fails, everything comes to a screeching halt. There was a time when you may have gotten away with installing a stock type replacement pump from your local auto parts store into your high performance engine. Modern engines run hotter, develop more power, turn more rpm and place much greater stresses on the oil system. You put a lot of time into choosing the right pistons, rods, heads, cam and valvetrain, etc. into your performance or racing engine, the oil system deserves just as much thought to insure the best finished project. The use of cheap stock replacement type oil pump can put your expensive performance engine at risk of damage as well as missing out on potential performance gains.

Researching and purchasing the best oil pump for your exact engine project can insure maximum torque and horsepower, minimum wear and increased reliability and durability. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Do not risk failure of your engine by using a stock, mass produced, penny pinched OEM oil pump. A wise investment in upgraded oil system components will provide you with a pump that has been inspected, carefully modified and precision assembled by one of the top racing oil pump manufacturers in the country.

There are several different Schumann oil pump series, each of which includes various improvements, modifications, pressures and volumes. These series are:

  • Street Master
  • Street Strip Racing
  • PRO
  • Energy Recovery

Included are a wide range of features:

  • Standard volume, high and low volume models available
  • Relief springs available for altering oil pressure
  • High strength castings
  • Anti wear treatments
  • Copper mounting gaskets where applicable
  • Drive shaft oiling
  • Internal modifications to reduce or eliminate aeration
  • And much more!

NOTE: Included features vary by series. See pump model data for specific features.

About The Manufacturer

Verne Schumann is the innovator behind these high performance oil system components. Schumann's has proven time and again to be one of the premier high performance and racing oil pump providers in the performance parts aftermarket. They are constantly striving to advance the state of the art in performance engine wet sump oil pump technology. Schumann oil pumps provide you with the benefits of continued refinement of the wet sump oil system design. Schumann's is dedicated to designing, modifying and producing superior wet sump oil system components for a wide range of high performance and racing engines. Schumann's holds numerous patents and currently has patents pending and more applied for.

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